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Description and usage


Drive In / Drive Thru Pallet rack is one of the most economical, Hi Density, storage systems available today.Its best suited for use on large quantities of "Like Items"

Drive In / Drive Thru Pallet Rack uses the "Last In - First Out" method of recovery, thus is much better suited to items with a long shelf life.

Drive In Pallet Rack uses a "Common entrance and exit" so access need only be from one side.

Drive Thru Pallet Rack uses "Separate entrances and exits" so access needs to be on both sides.

The forklift drives directly into the rack for storage or recovery, allowing storage of 2 or more pallets deep.

We can "MATCH IN" To your existing system! If you know what brand you have, Great!
If not then just match your existing rack with the Chart (Main menu) "Identification Chart".




  • Installation of Rack Systems
  • Design and Layout


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