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Automated Sortation

Description and usage

Automated sortation systems can sort intermixed sized cases, gently, and efficiently!

Automated sortation systems use a "PLC" and photo eyes to keep track of your packages, when they reach the lane that you've predetermined, the "Pop up divert" then pops up and sends your package down its appropriate lane.

Pop up Diverts

Description and usage

Pop Up Diverts are used in line on a looped conveyor to divert your packages to predetermined lanes, when the photo eye, right before the divert senses the right package, it's angled wheels pop up, and sends your package down the lane.


Description and usage

Loops are a way to recirculate packages if, 1- a package has missed the target lane for whatever reason, ie.. mechanical malfunction, bad bar code, ect.., 2- if a package comes through your system and hasn't been assigned a lane, or 3- also gives you more space to accumulate.


Description and usage

Athough merges are common, a saw tooth is a way to connect two or more conveyor lines into one conveyor. They are especially helpful if like in this picture you have several lines to merge into one conveyor, in this case several lines are merging into a sortation loop.

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