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Belt Conveyor
Description and usage

Belt Conveyor is a very versatile conveyor, it may be used for assembly line operations, sorting, packing, and inspection its also the conveyor to use if you have small packages that could get caught in between rollers if a powered roller conveyor was used.

Belt Conveyor literally uses a belt, riding on top of either a smooth metal bed, or on top of rollers, the roller version is best suited for longer runs, because it reduces the belts riding friction.

Portec Curves
Description and usage

Portec Curves are the answer to the problem of " If I have to use all belt conveyor, how do I get around corners"?

Portec Curves actually use a concentric shaped belt, that travels less on the inside than it does on the outside! Portec Curves come in various widths and sizes and degress of radius, so they can be placed and adapted just about anywhere.

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